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Guide at the staff member under, a group of persons are ex- to stop down at a log cabin.This log cabin is called hunter's cabin, here is the place that changes clothing shoes and choice material.The club will provide to hunt to pack for member, oneself can also purchase clothes existence this place.Each member has a cupboard.But hunt of material but is provided by the club.
Gun, long bow, anti- song bow, knife, long pike and bayonet, in addition to some weapons that is large-scale to kill wound, other hunting apparatuses every kind is supplied here.The violet path keeps choosing Zhang Chang Gong, and then choose the long arrows of a tube carries on the back on the shoulder, she has been already taken precautions against in advance, the clothes on the body also need not change down.
The autumn of the leaf isn't a member, the nature can't have the clothes that the club provides to replace.
The fee soars to come forward to say:"I that hunting's packing always have never used.The leaf is little if the words that don't abandon, I take a leaf little changed clothes in the past."
"Need not."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head."Wearing the western dress can also hunt."
The leaf walks the autumn to the material room.Also chose a long bow.Took two tube arrowses to carry on the back on the body.Wanted to think.Once turned round to take a pair of again bayonet.
The hunting is a free cent set.The fee soars to go in.The autumn of the leaf doesn't force as well.Know he does so is he and violet to talk to provide convenience.And just tonight topic leaf the autumn don't want to let as well morely the person knows.
"Are we 1 set?"The leaf walks the autumn to the violet in front.Say with a smile.
The violet sees a leaf's hand lift a ground of long bow and carry on the back the last arrows tube for autumn.The look in the eyes is different.But don't talk.Order.Once turn round.Took a leaf autumn to enter a hunting field.
Hunting field and log cabin are just one wall it to separate.BE fence in ground with the wire entanglements one big slice of forest peace is original.These two genius lucks come over a ground of wild thing.The untamed nature hasn't thrown away on ground of body.This time hunt is also an incitement ground most.Wait until pass ground Be getting longer for time.These animals' having no ground feeling of impending crisis is in the primary forest.Then will produce sloth thinking.Beat again easily many.Also have no what mean.
The color of the sky is dusk.The autumn of the leaf and violet self-reliance artistic skill.Have never taken to illuminate an equipments.The miscellaneous grass is horizontal to living on the road.The branches and leaves is exuberant.A burst of cold breeze is inheritted.Whole body top and bottom all as keep chill in deep freeze.Walk at in hazily.If not that ever and anon have otherly a troops to bring a ground of floodlight ground light beam dozen to come over.All make people doubt that this isn't a ghost a wood.
Violet fore the noodles leads the way, leaf autumn at the behind follow.There is the business to wish to have something to do with her saying parents, but see the meaning that she have been running fast, basically didn't talk, leaf autumn also can be slowly.
Suddenly, the violet that walks in the front stops under step son.
The autumn of the leaf always while thinking worry, waiting to notice her action, the bodies all bump to carry on the back after her up.Although across clothes,can still feel she muscle of tight to play to slip.Go into the nose place flavor that smells a Qin person.
Because her special, leaf autumn's sometimes neglecting violet is a women ground fact.
Feel now, the violet isn't only only a women.And is the woman whom a pole has woman's flavor.But majority of women have no woman's flavor.
The autumn of the leaf is just wanting apology, see the violet taking bow and pulling arrows, but having no to immediately give° the arrows projection.
The side ear very in earnest listens to surroundings ground action, then constantly transfer the directions of the gunning of bow and arrow according to that.
The autumn of the leaf follows arrowhead to see past, see arrive the animal in white in the distance not to be rushing forward.The forest inside is dark, see the appearance of not pure animal too much.But according to its feet color and accumulate, can also guess, it is a rabbit.
The rabbit after running several steps grinds to a stop down to puzzle that the ground looks about everywhere.
In the moment that it comes to a stop, the violet fiercely will pull everywhere bow string to let go, then as if did that arrows grow eyes sort to ruthlessly tie to go out.
The misty shadow echoes but pours, the leaf autumn runs over a to see, indeed as expected is a rabbit.

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