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"Three minutes."The autumn of the leaf says, then walks to the window way a side and carries the lights Lan that the body looking at an outside Shan.Fee's soaring to come over here to pass is a smoke for leaf autumn, 2 people spark to take out.
After death is a lightning flash Pa ground sound, also someone is stuffy to hum of voice.Just gold's becoming Yu ground mouth be blocked up, can't produce a sound.
Three minutes arrive after, leaf autumn just once turn round, looking at to pour to become the gold of one regiment lousy mire in the ground last Tan Yu.Say:"Why on earth?I want knowing thing and always know ground."
The autumn of the leaf becomes a gold, the Yu lifts from the ground and soars to say to the fee:"I want alone and he is foolish several minutes."
The fee soared a ground of bodyguard bushy beard to immediately push away a room, this was the bedroom that the gold becomes Yu.
Leaf autumn Pie the bushy beard is one eye, wish, this bastard can't be think that he or she wants to become Yu to get along with alone with gold is think a coprology he?
Close a room door, the leaf autumn becomes a gold the Yu cast away a bed up, then a pulled the towel on the his mouth.
"You----Want----Do what?"Bushy beard their starting a pole have been already paid attention to, since can make people feel awl noble-minded ache.The but again can't make you faint.
The gold becomes Yu to unexpectedly feel that the body is to want to spread to be general, it is thus clear that arrive leaf the autumn draw in he to room alone, still surprised exhale a voice.
"Trust.I will be very gentle and soft."Ye Qiu says and starts to grasp a gold and becomes the hair of the Yu, mind concentration, the platinum ring in the hand sends forth an a way silvery only dizzy as the mercury ground, top that row uncannily the letter of alphabet turn and move as the living creature particularly.
The gold becomes the brain of Yu be like as to it's open completely ocean, allow it at in roam about at pleasure.And, let leaf for autumn feel oddly BE.Before if while loving a soul ring use.Other people brain ground data can a brains receive, is regardless happy.Or happy.Being useful is generally still garbage information, like a replication to glue to stick, all poured to come in.
Linger effect like that be, after finishing using each time, the leaf autumns all have the felling that a kind of body takes off a dint sort.And the brain is dizzy deeply, sometimes see too many dirty things, even disgustedly want to vomit.
True of circumstance BE, reality compare novel more YY.Only unexpectatively, your having no mankind to do doesn't come out.
The circumstance this time but not to, the leaf autumn can control to pick up the progress of information.Even he ability he therein look for an useful information, don't need to completely make duplicate it to oneself brain inside.
This the felling is very wonderful, positive such as you pick up shell in the seaside.The felling in past be, as long as you step to go into this waters, so all shells of this waters will be automatic to to your pocket run.It is very heavy, but can not refuse.Grow be raped a ground of felling.
But now then you need to pick up to draw from F to like a ground of shell good, don't like of can not.The active power controls a hand at your ground in, if don't like, can refuse that some shells get into their own pockets.
The autumn of the leaf is still experiencing personally this kind of time, suddenly the heart starts violently jumping to move, the body takes off strength.Then quick of became the consciousness nautical mile of Yu to back out from the gold.The ring of finger isn't the soft white ray of light any more, but red brighten to make.
The autumn of the leaf is given by this kind of condition shocked.He gets this ring so for several years and still keeps appearing a circumstance like this for the first time.
Is this exactly a son what is the row?
Not only is only an autumn of leaf, even the gold becomes Yu also and stares your book eyes to see toward leaf's autumn hand suddenly red brighten to make a ground of ring.Although he doesn't know this ring to just and unexpectedly once trail and discover his memory sea,the ring in the hand bursts upon red light, this condition also really makes people feeling uncanny.
The gold becomes Yu to stay.
The autumn of the leaf is used to wear the hand of white gloves to block his neck.Then once make an effort, Mao Mao ground the sound spread, gold's becoming Yu ground body is soft to pour on the bed.
The autumn a person of leaf comes out the time of door, all people all throw view on him.

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