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On Monday, on Wednesday, Friday, every Wednesday time.
And, 2 people still check, when he is in other places always can't to the vegetables type is interested in.
If return to consider as Ma Wei is a common run of people to treat of words, probably this very small detection is really unworthy a lift.But since have been already known Ma Wei be the notorious reputation He He ground director, so the ground Be small to discover to be worth person's considering.
The dragon of the person and fly Feng the company measured some kind of.Then start carrying on a survey towards roasting a store, and pass ISEE long range supervision technique to deliver an information to carry on supervision towards roasting the havings of store outwardly.Telephone information, cellular phone signal and network and everything of other will use the equipments of electronics.
2 people still in person arrive inside in the store experience, and in stupid lacking innovation way at surroundings beat to turn.They still discover an important characteristics be, the owner of this store is a Korean, the name is called a gold to become Yu.Gold's becoming Yu is the owner whom Korea roasts a store, but never participates in the management of store.And have no social parties, deeply reside Jian Chu, badly now ho.
Last night, the ISSE spider's net system up and suddenly caught to a mosquito.Open that.The detection is one to send to encrypt an information.This information encrypts skill very deluxe, person's dragon momentary half will the son can't crack, but this is also good enough to explain gold become the Yu has a problem.
Say again, they aren't American polices again, don't would not° until collect evidence catch a person.They are Chinas country police, as long as feeling that you have a suspicion, can grasp you first on the hand to start reviewing Xun.With their interrogate a way, the not exactly will check not to come out some problems.
The autumn of the leaf entered a living room that completely is repaired with Korean style, wood floor.Short and small kitchen cabinet and bookcase.Spreads on the ground several short and provide the person with the soft mat of the rest.A men are bound letter with the rope, the mouthful is a blood.There are still on the ground a few broken up teeth.
See a leaf's view note the tooth of ground for autumn, person's dragon aside country explanation way:"Is just in case, we adopted to suddenly assault a place type.Is afraid he also with otherly the person Be similar to commit by poison to commit suicide, his teeth all to pull out.The inside equally has a poisonous tooth."
Leaf autumn satisfied head in the location, after canning reach a task under oneself so quick obtain result like this, they is very diligently.
The leaf wears on the left hand the gloves that the autumn once connected a fee to soar to pass over here.Then walk to the gold to become the in front of Yu, start to grasp his hair with the left hand, let his face with an upward exposure Yang wear, be convenient for oneself to conjecture he.
The cheeks is plump, the forehead a little bit bulges, and the lips are tiny thick.The skin color contains the pallor to grow abnormal state.Is cultured and cultured, it is an university to look to be different from roast a store owner, is like also a professor.But, who can thought of, this person will be a Die report member?
"The meeting can't speak China language?"The autumn of the leaf looking at his grounds eyes to ask a way.
"Who are you ?Why----Intrude into my home?"The gold becomes Yu to indignantly ask a way, because the tooth was pulled out a quite a few by the compulsive sex ground.So talk some leak air.
Hear he speak that the ground is a China language, leaf the autumn trusted.Say:"You should know who I am.Now, should be that you tell a my ground identity just right."
"I am incognizant you."The gold becomes Yu to want to shake head, hair but drive leaf autumn to grasp, basically can not move.
"See to you still not enough cleverness."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"If have no tangibly evidence, will intrude into to cause undesired agitation?We intercepted and seized you send to the United States of encrypt an information, from the your mouth in pull out a poison tooth-if you again not and in plain terms words, I think that you have the means that the necessity tastes to take a shot us."
"I know that your these people is affirmative to once be subjected to the most ruthlessness training.Can experience ground to live an interrogating of any degree method, rightness?"
"I don't know anything.I don't know anything.I want to see my lawyer, I want to complain to the embassy.You----BE injuring the comity of two countries like this.Our Korea will beg for toward your nation once justice."The gold becomes Yu loudly the way of Rang Rang.

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