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Is broad flatly plain, a huge monster speeds in the runway, from slow and quick, then the machine head fiercely start to pull, the whole fuselage is like an exhibition wings the big bird sort ground fly to air.Pull Gao, pull Gao again, until completely drown in this blackness, the eyesight of leaf autumn can not see its figure is either.
Being blue can the heart walked, at just this airplane in.
Because leaving a ground of person a while is too many, the leaf autumn sometimes always has some sad leaves to harm an autumn, even if blue can the heart is in person what oneself sends to walk, and is a brief separation, leaf autumn in the mind still a bit tiny lose.
How to more and more be like a Niangs?
Shook to shake head, apply a body the moral culture windbreaker coat in black bind tightly, leaf the autumn outside walk to the airport.
The cellular phone in the pocket rang, the leaf autumn touched out on seeing, was a number that owns special mark.The telephone number of leaf autumn knows of the person is quite a little, the Yao is a friend, and wanting the Yao is some very special persons.These person who are special has no name and only have serial number.
"What matter?"
"Host, we just discovered some interested in things to you."A men deep and lowly the voice spread to come over.
"Water wood university.Korea roasts a store."
This address lets leaf a bit surprised for autumn.They unexpectedly the public situation is used as that kind of base.Return is really by surprise.
Hang up a telephone.The autumn of the leaf immediately drives the car is toward roasting a store to rush through.
Now is exactly have supper ground high peak to expect.Roast store many callers.The foreign monk likes to chant Buddhist scripture.Many China the peoples to the this kind of foreign country romantic feeling ground food feeling have a clock only.It is always all enough little to pay tribute a ground of guest here.In water wood university ground a line of stores in doorway.It is particularly prosperous to hang foreign name ground store business.
The autumn of the leaf opens car to roast process in the store doorway from Korea.It is hesitating how to go in for a ground of time.Turn Cape place to appear to together acquaint with a ground of shadow of human figure.
The autumn of the leaf stops car at a boutique doorway.But have never entered to go shopping.After getting off.Follow a front ground the person is from the on the side pass by.Arrived at to roast store ground back door.All this row stores adoption ground is front store after type in the house place.The front can be been used to consider as store.The behind is a living quarter.
The back door subway door opens.2 wears a black western dress ground man to stand on the doorway.
"Host please.They all at in."Flew a Feng station to do a signal of invitation by the side of the door.
The leaf autumn point nods, the noodles has no facial expression ground to go straight up.
After leaf comes in autumn, two black dress persons are another left a rightly drive they to close, don't send out any voice.
Ascend the second floor.Acquaintance a while many get up.The fee soars, person's dragon, bushy beard and still have severals and leaf the autumn once exchanged blows of the men all wait doorway at the stairs way.
"What about person?"The autumn of the leaf also not to the opportunity that they salute, make a noise to ask a way.
"In the upstairs."The fee soars to say with a smile.
"Lead the way."The autumn of the leaf waves hand to say.Ma Wei after unscrupulously directing the river city square affairs for a day aroused highly an attention.The department concerned immediately established a survey set and incubated Ma Wei in all remaining confederates' bases of Yan city and other cities to round up all at one fell swoop.
Can neither exception, each arrive an all fail to meet.Being not those participants can have opportunity to escape, but the sanctions that they all chose to commit by poison to commit suicide to evade China country law.
Have no one to live, they what data can't get as well.Department concerned height value, and basic this affairs established special fact-finding organ and carried on a tracking survey to this time affairs over a long period of time.Try hard for revivification true facts.
Leaf autumn hasty Nu psychological attack, which can wait until department concerned to give true facts does the survey come out?Right away let the fee soar to participate in the survey of this affair with Long Feng in others.And also know meeting violet squad, request their person to pay attention to this matter.
Say to come the Qiao is also.In the person Long Feng is to track and antisubmarine prostrate on the ground an expert.Their 2 people after getting the data of Ma Wei Di, as to it's immediately the activity in half year carry on analysis and combination.

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