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It is regrettable.He is as old as oneself.Otherwise.Can will he and this the Tang's promise the earth the family possessions handed over inside in the daughter's hand together.
These year Tang Bu Yi also recruited many talented persons for Tang Guo.Oneself also developed a lot.All of the these people's ground ability is top-gradely.While waiting until oneself to hand over the Tang to the inside of Tang Guo Shou.They can develop should have a ground of energy.The Tang.Afraid is again make the ground fly more.
Tang Bu Yi believes his/her own daughter and was like him to would like to hit before he's all wealth to come up to be provided for daughter to operate generally.She waits for a daughter too long.Also the expectation ground is too long.However, since the daughter would not like to get into commercial circles this time, he can't force, either.
But, Tang Bu Yi has been having no to find out to be like Wang Bo the person like this can be considered as his/her own confident or shadow by Tang Guo, her anythings all can the arrangement ground is secure appropriate to be of, and the loyalty has no problem.
The person like this was too difficult to seek.It is may come with luck.
The autumn of the leaf's pouring is very suitablely a candidate, but his identity too sensitive.It is oneself to afraid not this small temple inside can permit nextly.
"Where was the autumn of the leaf gone to?Want to make a telephone call to ask 1?"Tang Bu Yi asks a way.
He knows leaf for autumn of background, also believes his ground ability.If while going out they can have a leaf is nearby accompanying for autumn.Safety up should have no problem.
"I make a phone call."Chen Mo Nong stands up and took his/her own cellular phone from the table of cocktail cabinet side and stired a dozen of leaves for autumn of telephone."Execuse me, your stiring the telephone of dozen has already shut down."Served a young lady mechanically voice to spread to come over.
Chen Mo Nong's in the mind is some lose, but don't express on the face, say:"The telephone of leaf autumn shut down.May be in the favour."
"Hum, what's the hurry?Affirm again is accompany that bad woman."Lin Bao Er Jue wears a small mouth to say.
Tang Bu Yi's station starts to say:"Leave.Today affirmation of street very noisy, river city square in sky will someone display fireworks, we walked in the past.Wang Bo protects.Should can't have what problem."
Tang Bu Yi really don't know Tang Guo of so wait for a leaf for autumn not is for the sake of get his protection, but have another diagram.Chen Mo Nong doesn't know is proceed from what eyes ground, also had intention to conceal this.
A group of people goes by car to arrive at a Yan city river city square for sky, have already pushed a ground of huge crowd here.The promise big square gathers full person, someone wears Christmas hat and white beard to dress up as to do Santa Claus, and someone wears various each mask with strange kind, someone raises a riot of colour ground the balloon loudly clamor, someone is setting off a smoke flower.Square emotionally wrought uply in music voice, someone just dances along with music.Joyful rhythm and farcically the action constantly influence a surrounding joining of person.And along with dance of person also more and more.
"Return today be really noisy.Have never seen to arrive a so noisy condition for a long time."Tang Bu Yi fondly looking at one faces curious watch everywhere of Tang Guo, tiny say with a smile.H'm.We also seldom come out.The nest almost suppress in the house crazy.If the Mo thick elder sister also comes out of words.It Be getting soer much the better.Unfortunately she doesn't like to be noisy.Treasure son, we dance."Tang Guo towards Lin Bao Er to wave hand, two girl son hand in hands ran into dance floor to in the center go.
Wang Bo Yi face vigilance the ground protect at nearby, Tang Bu Yi has already wished to remind severals and wants to make Tang Bu Yi wear a daughter to leave this kind of dangerous factor too highland place.But the words arrive a mouth side, but how also can not say it.
He always the heel is in the master nearby, know Tang Bu Yi have much long-term don't like this have a reunion with daughter.Be used as an old man who had some ages, he has no reason brush-off host this request.
Ma Wei stands on the building of great Wei square to take over, constantly someone give°s the message to deliver to he.
"Report director, rat hole, the location of the target is river city square in a sky now."
"Report director, young the rat go out to look for a food.Be on the ninth responsible for approaching."
"The report directs.Have already approached young rat on the ninth, and and she benignity hello."

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