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"Need not."The Ran shakes head winter night, on the head there is on that little redhood fasten the red Rong ball of hitting the ground with the line.When she shakes head, that red Rong ball follows an or so swing.
"Forbid to wish?"
"Allow.Can also allow in the outside.I think that God will hear."The Ran once talks winter night, then a face in earnest shut last eyes.Light shines on a face at her ground up, the powder makeup jade Zhuo, the skin color is like jade, long long ground the eyelash be like to block peach blossom sort eyelids, suddenly Shan suddenly Shan of, shape can the person's pole.
See her seriously and in earnest appearance, the leaf autumn originally wants to laugh at her 2.But don't know what is the row son, how can not also open.Just one face smile the ground stand at nearby, she invades to block those to have intention to come over to have some cheap guys for her.
Lead a minute, Ran winter night just one face smile the ground opened eyes and said with a smile:"I make a wishes.You are probably an and work properly very much of."
"Allowed what to wish?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
The Ran shakes head winter night and says:"Can not speak.Is otherwise ineffective."
The Ran comes forward Wan generously and wears a leaf for autumn winter night of arm, say:"Time is it's yet early.We go shopping not very good?I want to eat a plums wrapped in syrup on sticks and also need to eat ice-cream."
The autumn of the leaf hesitated for a while.Still promise.Say:"Good."
Ran winter night although the face that didn't see a leaf for autumn, still feel his inside in the words of hesitant.Noiselessly sigh.
The autumn of the leaf, I allow of wishes BE, hope that we are together.God heard, did you hear?
Tang Guo is also keeping seeing form while chatting with father.This action draw Tang Bu Yi's attention and smiled to ask a way:"Baby's daughter, how?And dad ground did the chat all have no time?
"Be not dad's ground."Tang Guo Jiao says with a smile."Is an autumn of leaf, he still promises to take us to go out and see while having dinner, still don't come back till this time."
If the just still murky nap of Lin Bao Er hear Tang Guo, the spirit came right away a while, and Zheng your book eyes said:"Tang Tang's elder sister, the leaf autumn affirms and goes a red almond wall."
"This damned guy talks not to calculate words."Tang Guo depressedly says.
Tang Bu Yi thinks of for this period of time, daughter because kidnap affairs have been surrounding in the home, but oneself because the work favour have never seen her, really isn't an employable father and hesitate a burst of, a face smiles idea ground to say:"Where do you want to go?I accompany you to go out today."
"True dad's ground?Do you want to take me to go out to have fun?"Tang Guo happily called.In her memory, the father takes the history that she goes out to play to still need to trace back to 12 before the year olds, from that after, the father has never accompanied he or she to go out to once have fun any further.
Although she has already grown up, isn't a kid any more, can't be like a past that sort be addicted to pleasure ground and Ferris wheel, but can go out to walk together with father, or let her warmth of the with full intention full lung and sweet.
"Certainly is really.Has dad's ground ever when fool you?"Tang Bu Yi one face Chun thickly smiles.Because Zheng Ru Di dies, Tang Bu Yi is very much attacked, the round face at first is emaciated next go, but seem to be more to make amiable.
The Wang Bo station that has been sitting eye view the nose nose view heart in the living room starts and reminds a way:"Master, your identity too sensitive.Today observes a festival, the person of outside again really too many, the disadvantage is at our protections."
"It doesn't matter.Is persons just should go out to walk more.The fruit fruit had no opportunity to go out for a long time very much?Kidnaping affairs to pass by is so long, let us become birds atartled by the mere twang of a bow.Always don't can lead so lifetime?"Tang Bu Yi more says to more feel that his/her own daughter suffered an injustice and also made a firm decision more.Today must accompany the daughter to go out to walk.
Wang Bo no longer talks.Will turn round to go out arrangement protection measure.
Tang Bu Yi says:"Wang Bo.Take less several individuals.The person is getting more.On the contrary and more easily arouse other people ground attention."
"Master.You must be good enough while protecting the measure.I am you ground servant.There is a responsibility being responsible for the you and the young lady ground safety.If the master feared a person to bother a ground of words.I will make them far and far follow."Wang Bo stubbornly says.

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