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blue can the heart raise head.BE about to tell while doing not have to be hasty, doing it slowly, the other people see a station is an autumn of leaf at the person of in front, the Qiao face unfolds to open and noiselessly smiles.
"I return when are you to come to accept award."Being blue can the heart smile with sweet look.
"I not is come to accept award ground."The autumn of the leaf smiles to put a hand."See you be delivering so many awards for person, I also want an award to your hair piece."
Say, the leaf autumn passes the small box in the hand to blue can heart.
"Thank."Being blue can the heart facial expression is tiny and red, on the face of smile idea ground more and more strong, flank ground those stare at she saw the along while prepare an opportunity to seek to start a ground of boy's nature to want ground.
"I still occupy and do.On bed terms Yang Le greatly strengthened them to say "hello".Generation I say a festival happiness to them."
"H'm."Being blue can the heart in earnest nod and seem leaf explaination ground for autumn is what greatly not of matter.
Door in the school, leaf the autumn is long long ground deep one breath.The gift is on the whole to send out to go to, how feel a bit very strange?Seeming oneself is like the lewd Santa Claus that an exclusively sends gift for beautiful female kid.
The autumn of the leaf just got on the car and hadn't come yet and the hair moved, the cellular phone in the pocket rang, call showed to is a Ran the number winter night.
Leaf be the autumn wry smile just preparing to seek her and have never thought her but oneself seek to come come.
"The festival is happy."The autumn of the leaf connects to talk on the phone.Say.
"Xi Xi.Thank.The festival is happy.The autumn of the leaf, where are you now?"Ran the mood winter night look very good.Keep smiling over there while speaking of words.
"H'm.I am at doorway in the school."The autumn of the leaf says.
"Good.Where did you wait me.Arrive 15 minutes later."
Indeed as expected, 15 minutes of time, a red shell insect small car stops at car of leaf autumn flank.The Ran presses a car window winter night and peep out to a Jiao Yan the Qiao face is such as the flower ground, big eyes shiningly stare at a leaf autumn, say:"Walk, we go to a church."
"Go to stem in the church what?"The autumn of the leaf is interrogative that the ground asks a way.
"Make a wish.Idiot."The Ran did an action of cold stare winter night, so lovely of the action express on her face, unexpectedly a bit small charmingly feminine.
Leaf autumn Leng Leng, say:"It is all right."
Christmas is the ocean festival that ushers in to come over from the west, the western people have the tradition to make a wish to the teaching orison in Christmas Eve, this little bit is also accepted by the China the people, and many people will also make a wish at the church on the evening in Christmas Eve.Have basically not to believe to teach, just for expressing to come from in front of girl friend F very good-hearted appearance, more very, some people are for canning get some candies of church hairs.
Ran winter night oneself ground the car cast away water wood university doorway.Jump up car of leaf autumn inside.The autumn of the leaf drives car, the ground points out winter night in the Ran under, finally arriving at every year that she says will make a wish of church.
"Should be Christmas Eve to is wanted to make a wish according to the tradition.Can the person in that time Be getting tooer many, basically crowded don't go in.So I am Christmas to come over in the evening, however the person will be also a lot of.You can force a passage through.See our control breath."Ran winter night sits at the leaf autumn nearby, talking ground the voice is clear and crisp to please the ear.
Ye Qiu thinks that Ran winter night of so didn't come yesterday, is because oneself occupies to accompany her to come.This female kid, always so with quiet attention careful and attentive.If she explanation ground not and so words, where will oneself know that Christmas Eve is time for making a wish?
Unexpectedly Christmas comes to person from ground in church unlike Christmas Eve is also little, the inside pushes ground huge crowd, person's dragons all lined up a church outside.Inside ablaze with lights, person's voice nails Fei.Those voices that sing poem and this talks a Xi laughter to compare with, really small some.If be not listen to intentionally, basically out of hearing.
The autumn of the leaf laughs behind one's backs.China the people really is some make to smile.Very devout earth's surface feeling is rushed through, but sing the time that the poem prays at the other people loudly clamor noise, don't know that God will can't let their wishes become really.
The Ran looking at anterior scene winter night and distresses ground to say:"Seeing to us enters not to go."
"H'm.I fore the noodles pushes for you."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.

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