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the bottles will point to 6,000.The autumn of the leaf and others changes a good many persons position to also have no to escape ground to open this kind of bad luck.Other persons even if want to perform to all have no opportunity at a time.
"6,000, get to reserved box the outside yells three I am GAY."
"6,000.Strip off the pants, be dressed in pants to crystal temple streaking 1 turn in doorway."
"6,000, go to a crystal temple hall and embrace a post to do a steel pipe dance."
6,000 be tossed about of utterly exhausted, allly the person returns one face cajolery the ground looking at him and make him burning with anger more and scold the ground say:"Mama's ground.Don't have fun.It is unorthodox."
"Doing not have fun can.Concluded the debt this time first."The autumn of the leaf carries a cup red wine and leisurely says.
6,000 have never thought calmness a night of leaf the autumn will suddenly speak up, and that kind of peacefully the tone make him catch more wildly.
Oneself is like a monkey tonight performed an one and other embarrassing to people program, had already suppressed one belly fire.This time already forget a leaf for autumn at the beginning to his pressure, loudly scold a way:"Do you calculate what things?It is my business to do or not, when it's your turn to take care of?"
"Feed, 6,000, how do you talk?Before is what you say, wish wager to concede defeat, round to who all forbid to push something to take off.Oneself now plays to depend on still reason keep spirit strong?Really shameless?"The autumn of the leaf doesn't speak up of time, the Ran is also like one winter night the meekly little wife is similar to sit at him nearby.Hear 6,000 rightnesses of leaves denounce openly for autumn, the Ran can't is getting more polite to him, either winter night.
"Ran winter night, I say that he closes you what matter?What person is he you?"6,000 would not like to give offense to Ran winter night, to Ran the elder sister winter night be also very afraid of, so the tone for talking weakened for several cents.
"Certainly have relation with me.The autumn of the leaf is my friend, my invitation to come to ground guest, you humiliate him to is tantamount to humiliate me."Ran the Hao not and mutually let winter night.
The autumn of the leaf claps Ran the arm winter night, signal hint her not to have to be too excited.See to 6,000 say:"You once said, who gameness, will bind to begin feet to throw to go out.BE be not?"
6,000 sits down, the inclined Piao wears for autumn, and the leaf challenges ground to say:"Is that I say ground.How to wear?I pour to and see, who dare to throw me to go out?"
Being like their these people is in some conflict on the quarrel to pour is the matter that often has.But if bound a person to throw to go out, that was tantamount to thoroughly become enemies with.And, this isn't only only the other party of conflict to become enemies with.It even is two factions and extension to carry on collision in two person's veins of factions.
The leaf autumn point nods, from the pocket in took out a cellular phone to beat a telephone.In a short while of effort.Reserved box ground the door be pushed away, the bushy beard got several mans who wear black western dress to walk to come in.
The autumn of the leaf pointed to point 6,000 and said:"Tie~up.Throw to go out."
The bushy beard promised 1 and got to begin bottom to 6,000 walk over there.
See a leaf for autumn and 6,000 conflict, Zhao Shuang's bosom advises a Zu way:"Being two don't harm compatibly.Canning take part in this is all friend of double bosom.Will make me difficult so."
"Double elder sister Huai, you need not difficult.I pour to and see, who dare to throw me to go out."6,001 face despise the ground say.
Once turned a face to see toward the bushy beard, occupied vantage pointed ground to say:"What person are you ?"
See the foppery and the interphone on the body of after death a few men of bushy beard.Squint Jing sneer:"You are that the grounds are here hatchet man?Who is your owner ?Let him come over to see me.If your stores still want to continue to keep on opening, hurriedly from roll out for me here."
The bushy beard is silent not should, hands forward an explore.A hold tight his collar of dress.Then take out his leather belt down, the benefit Suo ground bound hand and foot.Once the list hand lift, will he is from the sofa Ye get up.Backward on throwing, after death a few big fellows connect over there.Lift and then outwardly walk.
"Etc.."Zhao Shuang blocks bosom at the door.The beautiful eyes change direction for autumn, the leaf asks a way:"Do you really decide and do so?"
The leaf autumn point nods."I just give him an opportunity to carry out a promise.Bothered you ground birthday party, I am very sorry.Certainly have a report in the days to come."
Zhao Shuang's bosom lightly sighs 1 and stepped aside front door.
Once the bushy beard wave hand, several individuals lifted to land thousand to go out.

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