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19.11.2021 10:39
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One house human face face reading Qu, everybody wants to diligently see a clear leaf an autumn that equanimity facial expression to below conceal a ground of thing.
This be regarded as he sends toward the Yan of backstroke?
After, perhaps the conflict will be more vigorous.
After party spreads, joy and Lee greatly strengthen and returned to company.The period of the holiday, bedroom in the school disallows accommodation.Want to stay overnight, also need a special application.
The leaf sits on the Ran autumn a winter night car in, the apology ground says:"Thus can't the meeting make you difficult?"
"Double bosom will comprehension ground."The Ran smiles to comfort winter night."The process of the affair we all saw.The responsibility isn't on you."
The autumn of the leaf shakes head."I also really have other eyes ground."
"I saw out.You is be not with 6,000 have enemy?"Ran one face concerns ground to ask a way winter night.
"I have no enemy with him.But and he behind of the person is some antinomy."His main son?6,000 should belong to a Yan parties?You and does the Yan pleasant breeze have an antinomy?"Ran winter night ponder in a short while, ask a way.She isn't too different from the elder sister, pay attention to the factional conflict in the Yan city at ordinary times.The business of Yan pleasant breeze conflict of leaf autumn has no to spread to Ran winter night ear inside.
"You are still similar to the past good.Need not Chan with come in."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Use my help?6,000 although behave frivolous.But the background pours is allow of no small Qu."
The autumn of the leaf shakes head and says:"I will solve by myself.Don't talk this problem."
The Ran Xi smiles and says winter night:"Good.Listen to your ground.The autumn of the leaf, which is the your old house ?Doesn't New Year's Day return to?One personal New Year's Day is much pitiful."
The mind of leaf autumn has a short moment of absentminded, say:"It doesn't matter.I become accustomed to."
Winter night the Ran idea turns, but looking at a leaf for autumn fall the face of Mo don't talk.
The autumn of the leaf returns to after his/her own house, and then washes a Zao.Thought in a short while, still dialed the fee soars of telephone.
"The matter that takes place tonight you knew?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"Know.Leaf little this skill very relentless.6,000 is the vanguard officer of Yan pleasant breeze, is ruthlessly tantamount to send a person in the Yan ground this time face up stired up one box on the ear.It is said that 6,000 be thrown till the time on the street .The pants all dropped.Return be clapped to shine on."The fee soars tiny took respectully voice to spread to come over.
"Have trouble?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.Pour is have never thoughted of behind occurrence of business.
The fee soars silent in a short while.Say:"Have a little.6 contains a pre-eminent person, maybe not cope with.However.If they really seek to come, the fee house will also do a some matters express our ground toward the little leaf of sincerity."
"Good."The autumn of the leaf hangs up a telephone.
6,000 throw so greatly ugly, don't directly go home.Is afraid be called down by the family.At crystal temple doorway ruthlessly Cui it after the one mouthful, drive to rush through to the impregnable city area.
Is European in one luxuriously hospital doorway in the Chuang come to a stop, Wei in the door recognizes 6,000 is the frequent caller of Yan pleasant breeze, then wave hand to let go.
6,000 stop car well after, one face grief and indignation the ground walk over there to the villa hall.
"The Yan is little at?"6,000 ask station's servant at the door.
"The young master waits for many."Servant in black full dress one face respectully answers a way, the body is tiny to bend.A see be once be subjected to westernly occupation servant education.
Sit three people in hall.Two males one female.
The Yan pleasant breeze sees 6,000, stood to start to pour cup wine to send over there in person, say:"BE just preparing to make a phone call to seek you to drink, have never thought you to come for you.You ground nose so sharp, can smell me have here how many brought back from the United States come of good wine?"
Handsomely the plentiful absolute being man carries a wine cup station to start, go to and 6,000 touch a cup, say:"6,000, the occurrence matter son like this I am accountable.Today is the birthday of double bosom, you is to wish a life to just be subjected to what person humiliate for her.Stop worrying.This field son I beg for back for you."
6,000 full stomach wraths a while eliminate ground about, but think of a leaf to hate desire more to place it at the hopeless situation for autumn.Carried cup and several Yans to touch a cup, one stem but exert behind.Say:"This guy is too overbearing.All don't know that the title sees his where.

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