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Several Yans the cousin who is a Yan pleasant breeze, although 2 people is together all Yan, also is a big Yan house ground young master.But the young and old is different from, the Yan pleasant breeze is permitted for Yan being little, but several Yans having no this extremely by the your respectful name.He look like the don't care also this, the relationship with cousin has been all very good.
Today end marriage wife Zhao Shuang bosom birthday he didn't pass by, on the contrary here and cousin Yan pleasant breeze chat.Don't know at talk what.
The Yan pleasant breeze point nods and says with a smile:"6,000, you stop worrying.Have we ever when once suffered a los?"
The woman is tranquil and enjoyable to start, raise the red wine in the cup, say:"Here's to victory."
"Here's to victory."
The cup collides together and sends out pleasing ground of sound.
The autumn of the leaf fore the noodles walks, after death was the captain Li Da Dun Zhu of Lyu Biao Fu who just took a post to serve as two groups of captainses and other few Anne to protect a member.
"The well ventilated bore position here establishes not right.Open as far as possible a ground of a little bit high, outside still need to add 1 F to guard against theft net."
"Do these positions all belong to the scope of video frequency supervision?This is the main trunk highway, the supervision is normal.But if there is crime.Crime member will especially the idea avoid.Can also install to shoot to be like a head in some concealment positions."
"The fire escape fire prevention facilities has been overdue, why haven't changed?Although fire escape now utilization rate pole bottom, want to prevent°fro in case of.Still have, know will logistic department, look for person to be responsible for cleaning up every day."
The autumn of the leaf takes a group of people to go around and inspect the whole mansion, indeed as expected not he anticipate, although some thing Anne of clear side protect a department do a good job,be placed in inside in the corner of some necessarily measure but do ground not very good enough.This and China the state of the nation of the country is similar, all people are holding official post the article of noodles.It is making image engineering.But those are placed in inside in the corner.Really influence the whole mansion whether tilt to one side or concealment place but no man tumbling down ask about.
Those at first to leaf autumn the rocket sort rose job speed to still have some dissatisfied persons to are to admire sincerely to take orally now, expert an export.Know to have.The this leaf autumn indeed as expected isn't a light of province oil, he freely lifts some improvements of ground to suggest all to be neglected ground by them at ordinary times.But after being reminded, discover those aring neglected of thing again very importance.
"Leaf's director is profession to be from.This is together and really our negligences."Anne protects a work member of department from the heartly praise way.
"Yes.I worked for three years at the Tang.Still never a leadership mentions these problems."Leaf's director can connect to rise several, still have truly learned of."
Leaf the autumn in the mind is dark happy, been really good by the felling for flattering.
Lyu Biao also really admires a leaf for autumn, but these words he cans not say it.
After song idea leaves, leaf the autumn promote the captain that he is Anne to protect two brigades.The boorish contains the thanksgiving method of boorish, his being following a leaf to listen to his ground explain in detail for autumn and taking notebook will need to improve a ground of places to all record down.
Before arriving at the safe elevator of underground parking lot chief executive officer appropriation, the leaf autumn conjectured on all sides and said:"The safe measure is still not enough perfect.The underground parking lot is so big.Being difficult to protect can't become an observant and conscientious person to make use of a ground of place.The end makes the car able to directly arrive elevator doorway.As long as the car can enter elevator all of a sudden, while need not Rao wears the so far road of walking."
BE saying, elevator door tinkling one rings out.
Then is two black dress men one face vigilance the ground walked out and separated two sides to stand, immediately after is again two bodyguards to be come out.
Finally come out of is Tang Guo in occupation suit and she ground assistant thunder-storm.The bodyguard following behind a leaf for autumn after death sees is a chief executive officer to arrive, immediately be like beat chicken blood, raise head to stick out chest of the station is beside.
Tang Guo's hasing never thought will meet a leaf for autumn here, the in the mind is pleasantly surprised.Want to come forward to go to talk with him, but the throat is dry, suddenly, lost the ability of language expression.

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