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19.11.2021 10:46
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The persons of flank all curiously looking at this to lately take a post a ground of president, the youth is beautiful.Being rich can enemy country.Although arrive at the Tang for just short several days,is simply and resolute for people's impression, start to do matter to in no case drag along mire to take water.
How was this ?
The thunder-storm sighs 1 and comes forward to remind a way:"President, we are walking.Is Wang Dong still waiting you."
Fruit tree Tang however head in the location, supplely sharp thin Gao Gen is suddenly heavy if thousand Juns.
After Tang Guo leaves, a group of people starts discussing to run into president Tang ground affair.
The men discuss Tang Guo's facial appearance, be called her group the most beautifully woman, and those movie stars are a little bit also nowise inferior to.A beauty chief executive officer is very and rare in the shopping area.
The women then discuss her hair style.She ground dress, her qualities, the simple and direct diamond of her high-heeled shoes and her neck.They take her as idol and want mimicry, but discover to lack the ability to do.
Return to office, the leaf autumn just sat quietly, secretary Huang Ying delivered tea and drinks.
Anne's protecting a director's Class isn't enough to go together with a secretary, but need a person who handles a writing work, so would have such a quota.The secretary's job not only only lends support to Anne to protect a work at ordinary times.Still want and wear some writings and statistics work.
The thou words say well:Occupy secretary stem, have no a matter stem secretary.World secretary Di's great majority is all beautiful, Huang Ying is no exception.
One dynasty Emperor is one courtier, ascend a term Anne protect a director's secretary to adjust a logistic department to do minister assistant, Huang Ying is the secretary whom the personnel department comes down for leaf autumn adjusting from the group headquarters.Very cleverness skillfully female kid, even if don't do anything, looking at to also keep an eye.
"Director, I steeped cup longjing for you.The weather is cold, the body of Ai Ai."Huang Ying Jiao says with a smile.
"Thank.There is warm air.It isn't cold."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.See Huang Ying wearing weak occupation suit.Wish, you just more should the body of Ai Ai.
Huang Ying is legendary to this to connect a superior who rise six classes very curious.Big eyes rush toward Shan to rush toward Shan ground to stare at a leaf autumn to see and say:"Leaf's director, are you just many to is big?How became a director?And just came to the Tang to make into Anne to protect a director, absolutely is a myth."
Leaf the autumn in the mind Be dark to sigh, the woman is very in many ways hasing born advantage.Although spend two days with Huang Ying Duan, she has been being making use of her own advantage and oneself to draw near relation.
If the man's words, absolute no one can so peacefully ask one question like this.
"Some matters and age didn't relate to."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Yes.I tell your record of events my friends, does none of them believe."Huang Ying Zhan where the standing gracefully ground smile, leaf although the autumn appreciates her beauty,do not have another viewpoint to her.
The beautiful woman of world is too many, don't all impossibly be going to take place what relate to.
2 people are saying words in the office, outside and suddenly spread to quarrel a voice.And the voice is still very big, inside Zhang Zhan Di's voice particularly of sharp.
Here although is an underground 1 F, also difficult protect can't have customer to come over a parking.The Tang's customer is mostly some old always or item representative director, if Anne protects a department to noisily get into a hot dispute, unavoidably will influence the Tang's geography elephant as well.
The autumn of the leaf was still only wrinkly next eyebrow, Huang Ying has already cannily said:"Director, I go out and see."
Huang Ying after going out in a short while came in again and made collective report a way to the leaf autumn:"The director is Zhang Zhan Fu's director and captain is contending for holding."
Is this piece exhibition again, leaf the autumn Be reluctantly wrinkly to knit the brows.Sooner or later want to give° him to kick out.It is bad soup to is really a rat.
"Because of why does the matter dispute suspicion?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"The director put forward many modifications to suggest to the mansion today, captains all did a record.Prepare to seek finance appropriation, need the whole place for changing to carry on to these perfect.But, Zhang Zhan Fu's director says that money wants to stir to do the welfare in Chinese New Year for the employees and purchases to lately pack ground, different idea batch."Huang Ying goes out behind and then finds out an affair know, so the leaf autumn starts to ask,

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