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19.11.2021 10:49
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Saw a leaf an autumn of young and ability after, Huang Ying's in the mind will also move some caution think.Although the Yao succeeds of several rates are the lowest,always need to fight for for a while be not?
So, no matter is in working and spreading and helping, in the still just living care, Huang Ying all tries hard for and attains had better.
"Does the finance how can control in the Zhang Fu's director's hand?"There is some wrath grounds in the autumn of the leaf ask a way.
See a leaf noodles there is angry expression for autumn, Huang Ying carefully answer way:"It is said that BE----Ascend a-term Anne and protect a director and doesn't really take care of son.All businesses from the processing of Zhang Fu director."
The leaf hears the outside to the autumn more noisy more strong, cold face to outside walk.
Is full-time and the assistant is like born meeting conflict, leaf director's office of the autumn and vice- director's office of Zhang Zhan belong to opposition noodles, this is also just similar to 2 people's relation, who also see who with a revolting feeling.
Previous Anne protects a director although not pleased Zhang Zhan's behavior, 2 people still keep superficially in peace and harmony.And leaf autumn and Zhang Zhan then heart at enmity with, the noodles is also on bed terms.Meet to almost begin a beginning from the first time, behind 2 people didn't good voice the good spirit ground once talked.
After the autumn of the leaf came, protect Anne the load of department the son all gave to pick.Although Zhang Zhan isn't glad, also at the end of one's tether.After all, officer's greater half class presses to kill a person, leaf autumn's doing ground is his matter son in the work.
The autumn of the leaf goes out of time, other occupation positive elongation in office neck dynasty inside Chou, some people return one face bitter disaster joy the disaster ground smile an idea.
See a leaf come out for autumn, they hurriedly sat down body, pretend to in earnest toward a computer to begin to work.
The place of fighting is an office in Zhang Zhan in, the door greatly opens, in say of words everybody can listen to ground clear.
"How?Are you what things?Just be ascend how many days of captain Be getting more wonderful?When it's your turn to teach me?What the matter is the most important I clear, need not you come to tell me.Those Anne protects measure importance, for the employee make to order new work to pack the welfare of issuing the Chinese New Year Be getting ofer no account?"
The voice of Zhang Zhan's asperity spread out.He learned cleverness now, knew that the leaf probably up also has backstage for autumn, and the uncle specially orders excessive, talking to work can not persist doing, pay attention to technique.No matter do anything, all want to have a reason word.Didn't manage to also want to seek a reason, so then he can help to speak up.
Zhang Zhan to the pole of leaf autumn old grudge, although have been dealing with him in the viewpoint son, the momentary half meeting son is also incapable for the dint.And Anne protect a department inside still a person also make Zhang Zhan hate to the bone, even none of old grudges at leaf autumn under.That person is Lyu Biao.
At the beginning as he is saying that the leaf steals car to want to kick out for him for autumn, the song idea has already testified for him.Unexpectedly Lyu Biao's this goods don't know somehow and unexpectedly give°ed the true state of matter to tremble out.If he at the beginning also stands the this place is at he, leaf autumn does that still have the opportunity the position for sitting last today?
Originally still figure way will he ground does the captain come down for Lu to kick out the person.Unexpectedly he sought to come to come on his own initiative.Make him make it lively for a ground of matter.Zhang Zhan's nature can't pass thus ground opportunity.
"I not that for the employee make to order work to pack is as of no account as the welfare that issues Chinese New Year.But these matters can be slow a slow.The work packs to make to order again after Chinese New Year.It is not late either that time.The work made to order ground after packing is a year last year.Few days later also the mistake doesn't settle a dispute son.The Chinese New Year welfare company has already passed for us.Department inside then issue for employee.All of us are to beat mind's eye the inside is happily.But this matter son also need not hasty at momentary.Big guy son also all will comprehension ground.
The autumn of the leaf listens to the ground coming out.Although Lyu Biao suppressed temperament intentionally.But ground in the words wrath already pretty much obvious.
"Yao.You say how to do how do?Is this director for you?"Zhang Zhan laughs at to say.
"You----"The blue vein keeps jumping on ground of Lyu Biao forehead.The double eye stares ground heel copper bell ground.

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