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descended to oneself bowl chicken noodle soup, roughly ate an empress.Then washed Zao.Sit on the sofa to rest and restore energy, but the in the mind is cutting and polishing how to talk with purple river Yan.Arriving of his felling.This topic is definitely not easy.
From river Yan purple attitude to see, she will can't tell shes to can hardly speak.
Thought of this, the leaf autumn had some old headman of vexation again.Dry isn't he direct to tell himself/herself these matters?
At 8:30, the telephone of leaf autumn rang, the fee soars to come over to pick up leaf to go to Xuan Yuan for autumn a meeting.
While walking the autumn to the small area doorway, the leaf sees the wayside stop a luxurious atmosphere ground to speed a car, two public securities in the public security station stretch forward to explore a brain to look about.A face envies.
See the peacetime open the son ground of the east leaf autumn the swagger ground walk over there, one wears black western dress facial appearance may the comparing a star ground man of Hollywood respectully draw back a car door for him, 2 people's one face is surprised.The person packs Ma Kao An with dress, the person in nowadays not only want only depend the dress pack to set off himself/herself, car also is a the public appearance is importantly.
Before although they had no and leaf the autumn conflicted.But to his attitude also not calculate like.See come hereafter get a look in the eyes to put a bright hall, can not give offense to him.
The car is spacious and comfortable, depend in softly sitting chair, hearing the place is a car to carry a stereo set if have if have no of song voice.Fee's soaring don't try in taking out a cigar to ask a leaf to want for autumn from the cupboard drawer, the leaf autumn puts a hand.Hence the fee soars again from scold to take out a cigarette to spread in pocket is 1 for leaf autumn, say:"I am to occasionally take out a cigar.That flavor is too heavy, can satisfy your havings a while**.But cigarette combustion of quick, after finishing taking out but make people feel idea still end exert, give person some expectation."
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"No wonder that you can at woman field the top Be or so to meet good luck, because you can control to leave most inning.Always expect for person."
The fee soars obviously to talk this topic in the leaf autumn in front.Say:"I looked for person to once find out, tonight 9:00 the Xuan Yuan will have small scaled whisky wine tasting meeting."
"."The autumn of the leaf promised 1.See the violet smoke ferociously appearance, she is still such of Xiong wine?
This woman was to don't want to live.
The road of gold Ling.The 11th.
Car at an ancient color for repairing the ancient joss-stick doorway sign two front doors of stone lions to come to a stop before respectively, after throwing the key to the public security in black western dress, the leaf autumn then follows a fee to soar to in walk.
Once wore a long gallery and a bit of park, got into a building with imposingly small luxury.The small building regards the adornment style of the China country palace type as principle and occasionally embellish some can Mian up add a floral bracket lamp copper decoration and snow-white Rome pillar.Drinking whisky in the imperial palace is a business of big vulgar near big friendship.
Is most arrestively a hall in the center that is long long once the ground open widely table and up put full various wine article of each kind, the every variety wine still has simple and direct writing introduction before the article.Use China language and English to compose respectively but become.
Wear to cut to match a body to easily understand the ladies of full dress as if a wear to spend a butterfly, the men round Long in their surroundingses, pleasingly confabulation, slightly touch a cup, often spread a burst of laughter.
The autumn of the leaf swept 1 turn, didn't see the figure of violet.Carried cup Whisky and fee to soar to hide in the corner, watch ground in field crowd with the carriage of an on-looker.
Come in ground for time the leaf autumn see the carriage that the public securities is received some cars with the black cloth, he still has some to confuse to don't understand to these behavior.Wait until when he sees be present to win some bores that acquaint with a ground then knew this kind of Xuan machine.The star supermodel had some often to appear on the magazine also floods among them, they smile slightly low language, although the looks is outstanding, careful.Don't dare to have to the slightest exceed.
Situation like this, hit the ground on crest of their head star aureole really parties not last what big use.
When 6,000 companions wear a looks handsomely the man walked into hall, immediately drew on the present various person's attention, many people said "hello" with them in the past on his/her own initiative.Even this wine tasting will of the representative director also rushed through out and gingerly tried to please.

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