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08.10.2022 16:01
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Leaf the autumn forehead keep emitting cold sweat.This wench returns a root exactly still only and perhaps world not disorderly and violent member.
"You, lift him to return to."The leaf sees autumn is those companions to the gratitude ground and say.
"BE."All don't know is who the low eyebrow easy on the eyesly promised in the crowd a , then come out four cars that the young men ran to come over a gratitude to ascend respectively.Away and disappear the sons all finished running.
The leaf walks the autumn to Zhang Que 's in front and looking at him to say:"Suddenly really think a Mao car.Two of us run again a , irrelevant victory or defeat."
"I ain't your opponent.Didn't do good to you so."Zhang Que clearly says."If you don't mind, I can let my teacher come over to run 1 with you."
"Car Wang Liu Yi Si?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
"Yes.He just also in Hong Kong."Zhang Que nods to say.
Hear this name, round the crowd beginning disturbance of view to get up.
Car Wang Liu Yi Si, this name was too loud and clear.
As long as being to like to play a car, is not likely to don't know this name.Or say very difficult don't hear various record of events concerning this name.Because each the persons who play a car with know he of some strange smell anecdotes but feel proud and proud of.
It is said that he wants to take part in a game, they are all excitedly impending.Just fear feeling to the leaf autumn on sweeping but warmly discussing only, even also someone secretly ran over to make a phone call, let the friend hurriedly came over the highest point of appreciating the two greatest superiors to definitely.
Leaf autumn when the first time and Zhang Que compete from the mouth of Sung parable in once heard this name.Now, Sung parable becomes his/her own women, the help controls Su Hang situation.And oneself, also finally want to meet with that legendary person.
"Bother."The leaf autumn facial expression mildly says, inside the body but is have a boiling passion.
The Xia mutually meets, the strong wins!
Zhang Que and own teacher Liu Yi Si after passing the telephone comes over here to say to the leaf autumn:"15 minutes, the teacher arrives punctually."
"Thank."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.Although make contact with for the second time, his felling to Zhang Que is still very good.This person is superficially icy, but the idea is very delicate, he understands the leaf of this time to need a strong opponent for autumn.
1 can force he is all potential, need to be spared no effort with all strength courageously life the opponent of one Bo.
Experience dust in life and death hard working to fall to settle, inside the heart of suppress then ruthlessly oppressive spirit can heartily release.
"Need not polite.Say actually, I also really expect your to definitely."Zhang Que 's face up seldom lead long to pull a to put on to smile an idea."After last time at Yan Su high speed up lose to you, I have been being deliberating this problem.Probably, the teacher is your real opponent."
The words that hear Zhang Que , west shallow language in the door this knows that what he said before excels a car, a business of pupil king is true.A few women Ji Ji~~ground cross-examine a leaf autumn last time and Zhang Que compete of scene, leaf autumn the business of sister in Sung house over leave out, in brief introduced some kind of.
Zhang Que is a clear person, the nature can't expose a leaf to intentionally conceal for autumn of thing.
Doing not make people wait for is too long, when the car wills soon is used up for 15 minutes that king promises and again appear a bunch of strong light on the dish mountain highway.
Pressing the truth to say should be two bunches of, but the speed of that car was really too quick, two bunches of and baldheaded come together together, far and far see past, is like a light ball is flying to generally roll over.In addition to see a front a little shining is moving, basically have no way to catch any other things.
When person ground the eyeball still soon exercise but adjust a direction along with the car ground.Car already the calmness has no voice stop at public in front.But this time.Is publically retinal in stop over a ground or a car to rush ground appearance.
Till today.Is public to just realize'too busy to make proper response'this phrase language ground real meaning.
Doing not raise dust smoke is billowing.There is also no hullabaloo irritating to the early brake voice.Move if work properly fox.Being quiet is like all flowers.So suddenly calm down ground.Let people have no to prepare ground to appear in front of public ground.
This is blackly a style of silver the orchid Bo radicle Ni Reventonn.Shape very robustly.It is more astringent to compare otherly sports car tone.

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