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The car king simple Antworten

This with the orchid Bo radicle Ni Malaysia dint high-speed sports car ground the characteristic mutually fit together.It is said that this sign also embodied to initiate a person the orchid Bo radicle Ni bullfight sort not resigned to playing second fiddle ground Pi.
The geneses of the orchid Bo radicle Ni Sp car factory person the fee Lu orchid Bo radicle Ni in Ji Europe inside permeate an Italian special Hao feeling life ambition, encourage him all the way from the son self-made man of a common farmer, struggle an interest not until the profession that becomes public admiration steers a person.
Wang Liu Yi Si being not difficult to guess the car that chooses this is very to this kind of bullfight spirit to appreciate.
"A superior who is hard to deal with."The autumn of the leaf in mind did evaluation like this.
He is very delighted, can meet opponent like this.Especially tonight, he needs a Han Chang to sprinkle the game of Li.
The car window automatically opens the face of appearing a yellow race person.
Can't recognize his age, probably 35, probably 45, also probably a little bit larger.Emaciated and robust face and deep eyes root of hair the root Be hard to rise, stay to have a strong and tough beard.
No one organizes, the present car is fond of calling of self-moving Liu Yi Si's your respectful name.The king of the car, he is underground most dazzling star in the car world, the only king.
Belong to their king.
Face and necks of their concussion all became purple red and made an effort of brandish hands or other what things, make the ground shout oneslef hoarse.
Liu Yi Si lightly swept their an eye they ordered to nod, then they then call ground more crary.Showing ground in this desolate and open spaces night is particularly irritating to the ear.
"BE who?"Liu Yi Si looking at own pupil Zhang Que ask a way, there is no the facial expression of pleased Nu on the face.
"The autumn of the leaf."Zhang Que also equally and apathetically answer way.This teacher and pupils get along with a way very weird.
The autumn of the leaf smiles to walk over there and stretches out to say:"I am the leaf's autumn.Admire already a long time, very the honor sees a car king."
"I come to compete."Liu Yi Si says.He has never stretched out a hand go to and leaf the autumn shake hands.
The autumn of the leaf walked up to just notice copilot's room of Si to sit in seat of honor a beautiful and slender beautiful person.Very dignified and beautiful woman, the hair dish is in the top of head and wear a month white chirpaur.The noodles is like bright moon if autumn waters.When the view seeing a leaf for autumn notices her, she towards a leaf to nod a smile for autumn.Peeping out twos is lovely of dimples.
The autumn of the leaf also towards her to nod to think, this should be the Neptunian needle of settling of car Wang Liu Yi Si.Even if is an outsider to see woman like this can the heart is quiet in all my life.Have her to sit on the car a king nearby, the car king can't definitely make anxious onrush ground false.
"It is all right.What rule?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.The eccentrics all have eccentricity, this guy to own disciples all the plank wear Zhang Si Ren's face and have never also hoped him meeting how of courteous reception he.
"Is quick is a king.Have no regularity."The car king simple and directly says.
Liu Yi Si swept the vacant land of eye in front, this expanse, is originally an other Mao car clan Mao here the place of the car.Say:"Run here have no interesting.We run the powder Ling deer mountain.Who arrive summit of hill first, who become champion."
Hear a car the king put forward of game place, present person not from must deeply take a suck at an air conditioner at the same time.
Powder deer mountain, also be called the powder Ling deer neck.If do a deer of other highway ratios, so this powder Ling deer mountain the Bo neck that can be a deer.It is thin narrow and long.Although there is a wreath mountain highway, very difficult walk.There are many Mao car clans in previous Hong Kong want to challenge this hill path, none exception, they all opened into car ten thousand Zhang abysses.Discard oneself and love car together.
After Hong Kong government for eradicating completely the occurrence of this kind of affairs, established roadblock under the foot of a hill.That dish mountain highway also because the year is long bad repair, fall in to split again of tree branch with vacillating come down of the crushed stones is also no one is going to try.

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