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"Is difficult if ascend heaven.Don't say to drive is on foot climb all very difficult."West shallow language in the door sinks a voice to say.
"This place I once heard as well, usually have an accident past for early some years.Want not to change a place?"The west door also comes over here to advise a way to the east.Oneself it is the important period that cooperates completely with leaf autumn, even for trying to please him, also draw in for Hang Chen Shi of Su to divide one cup thick soup.If he if have a misfortune, own so of the investment didn't completely kick Piao?
Chen Mo
Fruit and Lin Bao Er three females also the air of noodles dew misgiving, but don't make a noise an obstruction really and understand leaf for autumn.He decides of affair, can't easily change.And, he always all can't easily of hand over to the other people the power to make decisions.
The autumn of the leaf suddenly opened mouth to smile, peeped out one row pure tooth.Say with a smile:"If is such, that is trying more."
He is originally a guy with fearlessly not afraid day he on his own initiative car king the invitation come out of, this time how may shrink back?
Hear the tall difficulty that the leaf promised a car king for autumn challenge a match, the present car fan is again a burst of to shout voice.
"Choosing a female companion can not choose.Up to you."Car Wang Liu Yi Si says.His meaning is very clear, anyway, my woman in the car can't kick out.Make you also put a person in the car.If you feel so inconvenient, alone one person is all right.
The leaf once turned autumn a face to see to hesitate and choose in a few female kids who.
Chen Mo Nong and Tang Guo because each other close sister, all know the other party and relation of leaf autumn again.On the contrary all ashamed openings.West shallow language in the door's pouring is to think openings, but those three women of in front didn't open mouth, oneself and then which have the qualifications of openings?
"I keep you company."The small face of Lin Bao Er one sees dead to return earth's surface feeling to say.
"Treasure son lets the fruit fruit go."Chen Mo Nong says.
Lin Bao Er has a mouth for the Jue and says:"Why again Tang Tang's elder sister?Do I also want to do that car empress is once.Saying a game again is so dangerous.Still make me go?"
"It is obedient."Chen Mo Nong rather elder sister manner, after pacifying Lin Bao Er, stretched hand to pull Tang Guo to the leaf autumn in front, say:"The fruit fruit also relatively acquaints with to the car, she goes with you."
The autumn of the leaf is from the Chen Mo Nong's hand in once connected Tang's small hand way:"Good.You wait I to come back."
" Open your car?"The leaf once turned autumn a face to looking at Tang Guo to ask a way.
Tang Guo ordered to nod, drive leaf the autumn pull to begin like this, she suddenly feels a bit awkward and shy.It is this felling yes.Although they have already taken place**relation, but she still keeps feeling heart beating badly.
Be trailed a hand by him to walk toward the sports car to be trailed the hand alignment sort ground in the church by him happy happy.
Car Wang Liu Yi Si's sports car affirmation is has been refitted, Tang Guo opens of the Ferrari is collecting of west shallow language in the door article.Probably she also passed by or many or littlely refit is that the orchid Bo radicle Ni of affirmative not equal to car king is so professional.
To know generally race car superiors to all change a car master.They even will sacrifice many rationalities of carriage for pursuing the speed of extreme limit.
The autumn of the leaf draws back the car door of copilot's room first and lets Tang Guo sits into.And carefully button up safety belt for her.This oneself just entered lord bridge house.
Liu Yi Si closed car window, launch car fore the noodles leads the way.They are going to the powder Ling deer foot of a hill gather.
The Ferrari sports car of leaf autumn follows close behind afterward, the behind is vastly and mightily long troops dragon of about 100 cars.They also want to go to witness, this Dian Feng to definitely of race result.
The powder Ling deer mountain leaves to race car a field not far, in fact race car a field is the powder Ling deer mountain under the foot of a hill spaciously.This is a very and steep mountain peak, the title sees go, almost and the ground is a perpendicular right angle of 90 degrees.
Lead to the start of climbing mountain the highway to order to return quilt wire and iron stake to lock live, see to rumours indeed as expected not and falsely.
Need not order, take to the stud bolt knife and the pincers for someone naturally wire clipping, and go into partnership son iron stake to move to a wayside.

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