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Zhang Que walks to two cars front, loudly say:"I am the assize of this game, does 2 have an opinion?If you have more suitable candidate, can put forward."
The autumn of the leaf and Liu Yi Si respectively pressed the car trumpeted and meant to have no opinion to this decision.
Zhang Que again and loudly shouts a way:"The torch is a number.When the torch flicks next, is the time of beginning.Does 2 have an opinion?"
Is two clear and crisply the trumpet voice ring out, Zhang Que 's proposal again passes.
Someone delivers at full cock torch, this is the vehicle-use common previous their Mao prop.Because the night Mao car will be very dark, using other things probably will influence the view of car hand.But use the words of the orotund equipments like the whistle, probably recruit to a police again.
Zhang Que Gao raises to catch fire a pair of, the facial expression is reflected by the flame of that male male combustion a ground of red all of.Loudly shout a way:"Prepare."
The autumn of the leaf starts car well, the view keenly stares at front, mouth inside but just open fun with Tang Guo.
"This game but play a life.Can't the meeting feel nervous?"
"I once also made you once ascend my car.At present even off."Tang Guo says.
The autumn of the leaf squinted Jing to smile, he was pulled by force by Tang Guo to get on the car while thinking of he to just come to Yan city of scene.It is exactly also that, drew back oneself to be used as a work prologue of near body bodyguard.
But, their entwine more and more and deeply, how may even off again?
Zhang Que loudly yells at the same time, emphatically flick the torch in the hand bottom.
Two fresh breeze are inheritted, two sports cars have already lost shadow in front of him.
According to the normal person's thinking, be dressed in high-heeled shoes isn't suitable for to exercise.It specially isn't suitable for to rush.
But the silver eye obviously don't think so, still keep being a windbreaker of purple color and be dressed in silvers whites up bind white soft take of thin Gao Gen, the heel of shoe is still that kind of astonishing length.Such as a stab sharp nail on the ground.Don't know that it is the strength that props up a person thus, and can walk in this kind of rugged hill path north bound as well.
But, the silver eye runs very quickly.And, her hand inside still lifts a to measure a not light black small leather suitcase.
Be used as an outstanding cutthroat, it is the most basic common sense to judge the hour and size up the situation to look for beneficial geography.Is very quick, she found out the best attack location.
This place is namely placed in the powder Ling deer mountain 4/5 of heights, isn't a summit of hill here, suit to escape, and then occupy vantage point of look down a foot of a hill.
Slightly jumped in the past, didn't break the natural geography of this place.Squatted down body, open the leather suitcase in the hand, in less than a minute, an attack by surprise the gun to the long range have already assembled completion.And up still have an and attack by surprise the mirror to the infrared ray of the high clear degree.
Has been adjusted to try some kind ofly, chose to the bestly attack by surprise a point.Then then concentrate to shut spirit, don't send out a front line voice.
Wait for.
After the good net, hunter's cloth's the affair doing then only waited for.
Rapids very arrows.If the fierce wave rushes.
Anything that vanishes, two cars then hurtled to go out at the same time.
Because two cars from nearby flee past, the breeze power for curling up is too hasty, let Zhang Que 's sense of vision have moment of become blind.
When waiting until him could see, after death which still have two shadows of cars?
In the regular car match, the result usually before running on the first is all not too good.But originally run on in the second place, in the third place or differ some vehicles of positions more but usually win a big match champion.
The Mao car in the underground game in also such, just the game of monk and west shallow language in the door is also good enough to explain problem.Because monk of mental bear ability of the not enough fortitude and resilience be been anti- super by the west door shallow language opportunity to find out.
Is a Que way, this kind of phenomenon absolutely can't take place the autumn and own teacher are at the leaf the car Si body of Wang Liu Yi up.
His car skill is teacher skill development to come out, he has difficult to express confidence to own teacher.But for leaf autumn, this is one to let the public living terrified opponent.He equally can't feel as well his mental state's bearing ability isn't good.
With say, robbed to preempt of the car probably first climb to climb mountain a crest.
"BE who run into mountain first?"Zhang Que walks over there.Looking at wayside ground a long hair man to ask a way.

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