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27.02.2023 05:02
Being Lin Cang Xie's small footman was the words that lisalso tenned to Lin Cang Lan most Antworten

No matter is politics or a soldier, hate to pull to send for Ji most .
"Eldest brother.I just open a fun."Wang Jian Han Shan says with a smile.He is since the childhood
Being Lin Cang Xie's small footman was the words that lisalso tenned to Lin Cang Lan most .
"Yes eldest brother.Three younger brothers are still firm heavy."The autumn of the leaf smiles a dozen circle field."How to don't call to ascend me good matter like this?I still really want to become friends with this rumours already a long time of narcissus flower in the Yan city."
"Did not you nearby have beauty company?Anne's club in sky was still active to challenge toward the Yan pleasant breeze?Unfortunately, that guy too timidity.The past was an appearance that is marvelous to coax, who don't put as well in the eye, originally also have frightened of time ."The mouth of Pie Pie that Wang Jian Han disdains to very much.
"He is an opponent that is worth valuing."The positive color of Lin Cang Lan says.
For abdicating for autumn for leaf, river Yan is purple from have already resigned from violet squad captain is one job.Section a lately- established network protection group that river Yan in nowadays is purple to become a national security of first term senior clerk.
This is a position of very importance.Along with technological of the high speed develop.The network offends to defend the main means that the war becomes war, even can decide a victory or defeat that modernizes war.So, be used as river Yan of first term captain Be purple to have an extremely bright future.
Lin Bao Er is also the person of this section, regrettable this wench is really too raffish.Is foolish would not like to come back in Hong Kong.With river Yan purple temper, will make a phone call Lin Jia's important person is also the affair in the reason.
After trip to Hong Kong, leaf the autumn have no opportunity to see river Yan purple.
This Chi loves father's more than 20 years and wait for a woman who guarded the more than 20 years worth owner of high regard and support.And, the leaf's autumn's relationship with her is also a teacher as well as well friend.Even having some can not the ambiguous feeling of the speech.
The having never advanced makes a phone call for her, leaf autumn where got hold of this from Lin Cang Xie, transacting of secret section address after, then and directly drove to rush through past.
The father reverses court sentence, the joy like this should share with her.
No matter whether there is also love, for she waiting for of 20 years, should get a , answer.
This special network section transacts a location very concealment, in the country inferiority in Anne bureau of a , ascend a base especially in.There is one that belong to ownly independently small building.
The autumn of the leaf produce own certificate, and then have country Anne bureau's letter of introduction just can pass to heavily guard of front door.
Stop car by the side of the flower terrace, the leaf autumn pushes away Yang in the car door to rise a face to look at this small building.From seeming see past, is like also an of the villa of building classicality.The talented person, who knows what happened, knows this importance of small building to China country network safety.
A little bit wait for, then the middle age woman of wealth black uniform walked out in quick time.See wait the leaf at the door an autumn, saying of apology:"Mr. Ye, how are you.I am river's director's assistant Chen Nuo.Excuse me to make you long very much etc..The river director waits you in the office."
"Thank you.Assistant Chen."The autumn of the leaf smiles to thank.
Chen Nuo uses Bo neck up wear up to make the card rowed once on the door and sealed completely of glass door again to two move stretch and shrink.2 people just walked into, the glass door again had already closed.
Chen Nuo takes a leaf the autumn path go straight to the front of a luxurious office door, after knocking to knock on door, in spread river Yan purple, just come in, of voice.
Chen Nuo says:"Mr. Ye, river assistant at in wait you."
After the autumn of the leaf again thanks, this just pushes door into.

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