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27.02.2023 05:11
Age like this, mindset like this, also how look for a string of blessing Antworten

"Long time no see."She raises head to looking at for autumn, the leaf says.
"Yes.Long time no see."The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod, dynasty her office desk walked.
Once stretched hand to rob her smoke between the fingers, her hand wanted to hereafter shrink, but drive leaf autumn the quick one step holds tight.
Drive leaf the autumn hold tight a wrist, the body has some to allow of shiver, on the face but stay calm and collected.
Leaf autumn a hand fixedly live her wrist, another hand from she the finger dismantled smoke, then press to extinguish in the ashtray of office desk last full cigarette butt.
"Is little hereafter take out.It isn't good to health condition."The autumn of the leaf says.
It isn't an only autumn a person of leaf to say this sentence to he or shes, but hear him feeling heart warmth to say so each time.
"What matter?"River Yan's purple beautiful and bright and beautiful eyes stare at a leaf autumn to ask a way.
The autumn of the leaf this just discovers, she still has a very big variety.She always liked to cover her eyes with the gorgeous astute strong eye shadow before, now but no longer use those things.
"Come over to see you.Conveniently tell you a matter."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Pull a chair to sit on her opposite."My daddy's business checks know, the soldier is several Weis, the big guy specially opened a meeting.
Just was just him positive.He wrongs.I feel that this affair should come over to tell you 1."
"Know."River Yan is purple to say.
Don't know what felling, seem that for an instant, she who there is just also life became an empty hull.
Always the bitterness bitterness makes track for and wait for of thing, but really good arrive an answer, but change ground vacant frighten into inaction.
After, is also wanting to depend to what things prop up on the hoof?
Need a smoke!
The hand is violently shivers, confusedly groping for on the table, but how also grasp not to live that near in the very short distance cigarette case and the fire machine.
The fire machine is fallen in the ground to the crest by her finger tip, deliver small clear and crisp sound.
The autumn of the leaf sighed tone and picked up the fire machine of ground.Again from the cigarette case in took out a smoke to put to spark on the oneself's mouth, take out one mouthful after, just fill into her mouth.
Blaring one river Yan is purple greedy of absorb, be chest in be full of warm air after, just feel that the body enrichment gets up.Feel the existence of viscera.
"Living to have medium still have a lot of things that are worth reluctanting to part with.Natural affection x friendship"still have you to now and up make.Even if don't so much pursue again how?Have again how many persons to can understand the meaning that they exist?The most people only has a most in brief pure reason:For the sake of on the hoof and on the hoof.
Who can take care of again so many?"
"Other people so all hard in effort of on the hoof, compare but talk, you are lucky.It has been several years since my daddy's one affairs all pass by so.The one who let to die rests peacefully.You waited so long, wait until to conclude a fruit now, should also look for own blessing."
"What is happy?I forgot."River Yan is purple to say with a smile.The smiling face hasn't elapsed, the eye socket is moist, on the face but have already had a teardrop.
The leaf walks the autumn to behind in the table and feel pity on of hug her frail body.
River Yan is purple to lie prone at the leaf of autumn bosom, finally release voice to cry bitterly.
The life is brief, the time is easily old.
The bitterness waited for 20 years, she had already been getting older.
Age like this, mindset like this, also how look for a string of blessing?
"If you are afraid to can not find, seek me."The autumn of the leaf hugs tight river Yan's purple body.
"You?"River Yan is purple to vacantly ask.
"Yes.The substitute is also good.Wait until when you find out your own real happiness can leave."
"If can act for, do I why the need for wait for for 20 years?"The river Yan purple wet eye old woman Zi asks.
What she feared be, own felling not is act for.
"I am to hope that your ability is thoroughly on the hoof."The autumn of the leaf hugs her soft body and in a soft voice says.First sight this woman has so weak of time .
Before, all is that she was in own way protecting himself/herself.
"The autumn of the leaf.
Do you like me?"River Yan is purple to ask a way.

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