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 What Allen wants to tell you. Was Allen euch erzählen möchte
suebarb Offline

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28.03.2007 23:23
Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten
Dear Allen
I have been to many lomilomi workshops, have been practising lomilomi for 6 years and would be very happy to connect a little bit more with the energy ... get some input, and more insight. But in the flyer it says that in the 7-day workshop you teach the lomilomi basics, also in anatomy. Is it a lomilomi beginners workshop? And are you planning on doing a 7-day workshop in Zurich too in the near future? Thank you Allen! This is Sue from Zurich.
Sue ( Gast )

31.03.2007 02:08
#2 RE: Lomilomi Antworten
Dearest Sue Aloha from Kahuna Lomilomi Allen Alapa'i,

Thank you for being patient! Let me explain more about the basic lomilomi course. First of all, I am offering my families "HUNA" (secrets). Never before taught outside of my family. For me to share this sacred work with the world, it has given me the opportunity to do my part in shifting the consciousness of the planet.... doing Akuas work (Gods work). I have been waiting many years for clearance from my Kupuna (elders) who guides me. Finally the time has come. It will be an experience! Of learning the Hawaiian way....ohana style (my family style). It took me a lifetime to learn from my Kupuna (grandmother) and for me to teach what was instilled in a seven day basic a big Kuleana (responsibility). They will learn the proper protocols, sacred prayers (pule), healing chants (oli), and my families ritual Ho'oponopono (to make balance), all the spiritual essence that goes with sacred Ho'oponopono Lomilomi massage work, that I teach. That is why I have three different courses... basic, intermediate, and final graduating class. To teach all that I've learned....which took me a teach in such a short time.
As for teaching in Zurich, It is possible..... but for now I am focusing on this workshops in Germany. If you have any ideas or contacts of arranging some courses for us, please keep in contact. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your interest! And I hope I have answered your questions.

Me ke Aloha Pumehana
Kahuna Lomilomi Allen Alapa'i
Lomi Offline

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07.04.2007 08:24
#3 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten

Liebe Sue,

Allen und ich haben uns über eine Workshop in Zürich unterhalten. Das Interesse ist auf jeden Fall da.
Wie Allen schon angefragt hat, hättest du eine schöne Möglichkeit wo wir so ein Seminar abhalten können? Wichtig ist, wir brauchen Wasser, See oder einen schönen Bach wo wir verschiedenen Rituale abhalten könnene. Wenn du mir hierzu ein paar Infos zukommen lassen könntest, wäre das sicherlich von vorteil.
Wir steuern die Buchung und Planung hier über uns.

Freuen uns auf eine Antwort.

Grüße Marion


I´m asking Sue to let us know about places in Switzerland and that we need water neer by.
We are aranging the bookings and every thing elese from Germany. Maybe we can try this plan for the next tour you are doing here.


Helena ( Gast )

07.04.2007 09:27
#4 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten

Hey Marion,
findet hier im bayerischen Raum auch ein Workshop statt? In Weyarn gibt es ein Seminarhaus mit Bachlauf. Das Seminarhotel Jonathan könnte vielleicht auch geeignet sein für Euch oder das Kloster auf der Fraueninsel. Würde mich auch für eine Ausbildung interessieren? Herzliche Grüße Helena

Lomi Offline

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07.04.2007 14:30
#5 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten

Liebe Helena,

dieses mal haben wir uns für das Allgäu entschieden, da es ein wunderschöner Fleck ist. Wir sind immer auf der suche nach geeigneten Objekten.
Ich wohne ja in Haag, Obb und fahre ungefähr 3 Stunden ins Allgäu, also nicht zu weit. Kann dir nicht versprechen, ob wie hier unten mal ein Seminar abhalten. Wäre schade wenn du nur aus diesem Grund nicht dabei wärst. Weiß auch nicht wann wir die nächsten Seminare anberaumen, jedoch spätestens im nächsten jahr.

Grüße und danke für die Mithilfe.


Allen Offline

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08.04.2007 20:38
#6 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten

Aloha Marion,

This sounds like a very good idea for the next tour. I would love to work in Switzerland with Sue or other contacts you have.
I cannot thank you enough for all your Aloha and kokua. Hua is the Hawaiian word which means to fruit or blossom. You have been the wai (water) nourishing all the seeds planted in this journey..... to come forth......and now Kulia i Ka Nu'u (Striving for the Highest). Until we embrace in Aloha.

Malama Pono,
Kumu lomilomi Allen Alapa'i

Allen Offline

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08.04.2007 20:44
#7 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten

Aloha Marion Please translate when you can. I would like to know what they are saying and asking. Mahalo Marion Malama pono

Kumu Lomilomi Allen Alapa'i

Lomi Offline

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09.04.2007 12:29
#8 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten
Aloha Kumu Alapai

we are getting help for new Houses wer we can do courses. I wrote that we have desidet this time for the Allgäu and maybe the next time some wer else. We will see.
To Zürich I was asking Sue, if she can help us finding a nice place, but that we will organize from Germany and that we will try to plan in the next course. Maybe North, than South and than Switzerland.

We will discust every thing if you are here.

Now my computer is out of order and I have to go to Michels company to write. So if you donot get a fast answer, thats the reaseon. But I will try my best. Munich starts with the reservation for the Hotel. Great.

Regards Haumana Marion.
Allen Offline

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13.04.2007 06:13
#9 RE: Lomilomi (specials for you Allen) Antworten

Aloha Haumana Marion, This is good and good energy and responses surrounds this Healing work. Please continue the energy. Aloha A Hui Hou

Kumu Allen Alapa'i

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